Courses & Lessons

You can learn to pole dance on a course or a private lesson.

Our private lesson prices are:

1 person – £25
2 people – £14 each
3 people – £12 each
4+ people – £10 each

*£10 deposit will be needed upon booking*

The best way to lose weight with us is to join a course.

Our course prices are:
(Please scroll down for next available beginner courses)

4 week pole course – £36
*4 week pole course inc unlimited stretch* – £42
*4 week pole course inc unlimited practice* – £46
*4 week pole course inc stretch + practice* – £52
*2 pole courses inc stretch + practice* – £58
*4 week pole course inc gym* – £46
*4 week pole course inc unlimited studio hire* – £56

*Must be paid via standing order. 2 pole courses are 2 different pole courses/ classes running simultaneously/ along side one another

This will keep you motivated to come every week. Our courses are 4 weeks duration and it runs at the same time every week. The courses are set in stages so you learn the moves progressively. If you have never pole danced before you need to start at stage one. If you have some experience then we will fit you in at the level that suits you best. A course will have a maximum of 9 in the class as we never share poles in a class.

The next stage 1 courses will begin on:

Monday 8th January 2018. 7pm. £36

Tuesday 9th January 2018. 6pm. £36

We are also now running conditioning classes to strengthen.

Conditioning classes. Tuesday.  8pm. Please book and pay £4 on the night.

Please ring the club to be put on our mailing list so we can text you when a course becomes available.

We are also running a new hoops and silks stage 1 course please register your interest now

Beginners Aierial, Hoops And silks. Monday 11th December 2017. 6pm. £36

Kids Aerial Hoops, Silks And Pole. Saturday 13th January 2018. 10am. £24


To book please ring 01482 503020


You are only on the course when payment in full has been made.

All the sessions start with a thorough warm up. You will then be taught how to move round the pole and be taken through some basic spins. Depending on your fitness level, experience and ability, you will progress on to more advance spins, climbs and poses and will end the session with a cool down and stretch. If you cannot make a lesson you are welcome to make up that class in one of the practice sessions running at no extra cost.

A four week adult course cost £36 plus 1 Free practice session