April 2015 – Sarah Backhouse

Sarah joined Pole 4 Fitness almost a year ago, and came to us to improve her fitness. She always wanted to try pole and thought she would stick to it more than the gym, which shows as Sarah has already lost weight and improved her strength and confidence.

It took Sarah a while to get all of the moves she attempted, but she kept trying and has achieved everything!

Here’s what Sarah said about her instructor, Kim: ‘Kim is brilliant, encouraging, doesn’t give up and gets me to do things I couldn’t do, without pushing too far. Kim is funny and believes in me’.

Kim says: ‘Sarah has been amazing since stage 1. She is the most determined member of the group; she works really hard trying to achieve moves and always gets there in the end (she even practices at home). Sarah is a pleasure to teach every week, and she is always smiling and happy!’

Sarah’s advice for those wanting to try pole: ‘ Don’t be scared, just join! It’s different each week and never gets boring’.

Well done Sarah, well deserved!