August 2020 Ashleigh Gurnell

Ashleigh is currently on Stage 11 and her instructor is Kim. She has been dedicated to pole since July 2019

Ashleigh decided to join pole to learn something new, to spend more time with friends and to make new ones. She also said wanted to improve her body confidence and to be more comfortable in her own skin.

It’s not all easy for Ashleigh and when asked about what she struggle with the most she said any form of spin! It just shows we are all good at something and we all have moves we don’t like to practice.

Ashleigh feels her greatest achievement in class is becoming comfortable and confident enough to wear shorts in front of people, being able to embrace here insecurities and to help others. We think this is lovely because this is the one thing that puts people off joining and this shows anyone can moved pass these insecurities and people like Ashleigh are happy to support you to do this.

When asked about how she feels about her pole journey so far her response was

‘I regret not taking pole up sooner!’ (This is what we hear all the time!!) Pole has helped me to grow as a person in and out of the studio – my new found confidence has helped me progress in my career and with my relationships with friends and family… I can now also open jars by myself because my grip strength is ace!

Ashleigh had this to say about Kim her instructor and her pole family.

‘I would not be here without my pole family, especially my instructor, Kim. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by supportive people. They’re inspirational and lovely and just the best.

Kim said Ashleigh has been with me over a year now and what a student she had become!!! She never misses a lesson, is in practice every week, conditioning and stretch too as well as the occasional private when she can. She has come on leaps and bounds and I see her having a long and successful pole journey, she is a pleasure to teach and has set some realistic goals for herself this year which I know she will smash.

Well done Ashleigh, another thoroughly deserving nomination for our Member of the Month