Blog 4. How making your bed can make you a better pole dancer.

How making your bed can make you a better pole dancer.

Did you make your bed this morning? Why does it matter?

Because what you do when no one is looking tells you what your standards are. The standards you set are the ones you get; our standards are what lead you to success in many areas of your life and are the non-negotiable behaviours that you do from your book of standards and values not on emotions and feelings. Also it’s a fact that a better morning routine leads to us adopting other good rituals and habits in our daily life.

‘Should do ‘not a ‘could do’ is the way we succeed in life.

Could is a way out, reasoning with yourself, I could, possibly, perhaps do that but…

Should is a must, a duty, a have too, there are no buts that follow a should

Think about this at a meal when the pudding comes out. You know you have eaten enough food to feed an elephant but the pudding looks soooo good, do you say yes or no? What is your habit, your standard? You know what you should do but do you follow the ‘could do’ advice?

How can this make you better at pole? What are your standards in class? Are you the person that practices once fails or succeeds then moves on? Do you stop when you have finished or when you feel like it? Are you always reaching for the next big pole move so you can snap a photo and post it to show the world how good you are? Or do you go back week after week thinking how can I make that better? How can I improve? Remember what you learn you practice so unless you make a conscious effort to raise the bar you will never get any better. I often talk to students about the way they perform a basic invert on the pole. You learn this at a stage 2 then believe you have achieved it so mentally tick the box and move on. What you don’t realise is that when you are a stage 30 you are still inverting like you did on stage 2!

The definition of insanity as we all know is doing the same thing and expecting a different result so if your habits are to not revaluate what you are doing, not to raise the standard when you have accomplished it then I’m afraid you will always invert like you are on stage 2.

You follow through on who you think you are. who do you believe you are? What is the story you tell yourself? The people who we admire in the pole world are ones that continuously raise their standards. They don’t practice once a week but for many hours a day. They look at what they did and think how can I make that look better? They look at the results they are getting and they know that if they are not improving they are just not ‘grinding ‘hard enough. This isn’t about looking at yourself and pointing out your faults and affirming you are untidy and clumsy; it’s about looking at that person in the mirror and being in competition with them to be better each week.

There is a saying ‘No pride without pain’ and some habits are hard to maintain, You may be in a rush or busy, you may be feeling a little tired, you may be feeling a little hungry there are many things you may not want to do, but when you feel the pain and do it anyway these are the character building parts and this is what will define you.

Pain of discipline or pain of regret which do you prefer?

So by making your bed you are creating a good habit, you are doing it because it counts to you. You have a standard that starts at the beginning of the day. You set your stall out as you get up. This simple act will start to define other habits you have which will transfer right into the pole studio.

Now go and practice being who you want to be

Clare xx