Brittany Powell June 2022

Brittany PowellWhich course are you on, and who is your instructor?

14 and Clare

When did you start training with us?


What made you want to participate in the classes?

I had seen other people participate in Pole fitness at the time there were no studios nearby. When I moved to university, I saw it was an option, and I was keen to join!

What do you struggle with the most, and what is your favourite move?

I struggle with sweaty hands; it will always be my nemesis, but I’ve learnt to just ALWAYS wipe my hands.

My favourite move is the extended butterfly or blade-butterfly-angel combo.

What is your greatest achievement in class?

Getting confidence in doing laybacks again! I’ve struggled for such a long time to have the confidence to do this move. Only recently, I have gained the confidence in doing laybacks again, and I am so proud of myself!

Tell us how you feel about your pole/aerial journey so far.

I’ve loved every second of it. It was a shock to the system after we returned from the numerous lockdowns.

It makes me so proud to see my progression and accomplish new moves. I try really hard in making sure I can nail a move.

I am so happy that I started the journey, it has been difficult at times, but when you finally accomplish a move, it is so rewarding.

Tell us about your instructor and your pole family.

Clare is a great instructor; she is so patient whilst teaching and will always offer tips so I can achieve the move. My pole family is lovely! We are all so supportive of one another, and it’s great to watch us all progress!

Do you have anything else that you would like to share to inspire other people in their journey?

I’ve learnt that consistency really is key. I have progressed little by little each week. Sometimes when I feel it hasn’t been a good session, I always try and see a positive that I have achieved in that session, and I can always identify one.

I always recommend Pole fitness to people; it is so rewarding and makes you realise how strong you can get become!

Clare said, ‘I nominated Brittany because she is such a trier; she tries again and again until she gets a move; nothing beats her! I’m really proud to be part of Brittany’s journey as she is everything Pole 4 Fitness represents. She is stronger and more capable of more than she realises, and she will go on to have a brilliant future because of her great attitude. Britt will be leaving us soon as her university course finishes, and I wanted to celebrate her before she moves on to her next adventure in her nursing career. We wish you all the luck in the world, and long may you continue to pole’ xx