Caitlin Ali – November 2022

Caitlin Ali
Which stage are you on, and who is your instructor?
Stage 12  Clare
When did you start training with us?
March 2022
What made you want to participate in the classes?
To get stronger
What is your favourite move, and which do you struggle with the most?
Caitlin Ali preforming an extended Butterfly
My favourite is a butterfly. I struggled with extended butterfly. (but nailed it this week!)
What is your most outstanding achievement in class?
Extended butterfly
Tell us how you feel about your pole/aerial journey so far.
I love it, feeling stronger each week.
Tell us about your instructor and your pole family.
Clare is amazing, and everyone is so encouraging.
Do you have anything else that you would like to share to inspire other people in their journey? This doesn’t have to be related to pole.
Just do it! If you’re thinking about trying pole – do it! You’ll love it 🙂
Clare is Caitlin’s instructor, and she said, “I nominated Caitlin because she comes every week, works so hard and has no idea how good she is! Caitlin doubts her ability, and I wanted to show her off to everyone. She is a pleasure to teach and always keen to learn; she thinks each new move will be impossible, yet it never is. Caitlin is a role model to every shy, anxious girl out there looking in, thinking they could never do that but is desperate to give pole a try. She is proof that the hardest part is walking through the door; once you begin, it just gets easier every week. I couldn’t be prouder of her, her journey, and her growth in skills and confidence. Well done, Caitlin!”