December 2019. Nicolle Bates & Nicole Delory

Meet our December Star Members Of The Month…………………. Nicolle &  Nicole!

Nicolle & Nicole attend air privates together regularly and are very commited.

Nicolle & Nicole were nominated by their air instructor Clare. Clare says “ Nicolle and Nicole fondly know as no1 and no2 are my members of the month because they are training so hard  they deserved some recognition. They are model students, trying everything on both sides (without being asked!), and practicing until they get it. I very rarely hear a ‘I cant do’ from then and If I do they soon over come it by getting it right and proving themselves wrong!  They are an absolute pleasure to teach and they never falter in their determination to nail a move and are always looking to see how it can be done better. Neither have a gymnastic background so it just shows what can be achieved with a bit of training and tenacity.

Well deserved members of the month.


Well done. x