Dianne Shaw – February

We are pleased to announce our member of the month for February, Dianne Shaw.

This is what Dianne had to say about being nominated:

“I’ve been doing pole just a year now. I joined for a few reasons, one because it’s something different, two I once watched someone climb a pole and decided to have a go and I couldn’t get off the floor, and three, after having my baby it was some me time every week, it was actually my husband who signed me up. Since joining I’ve noticed myself become a lot stronger and more toned. My instructor is Jo-Ann, a big thank you to her for encouraging me, boosting my confidence and most of all catching me! Anyone who is thinking about joining, do it now it’s fun and you meet a fab bunch of people. I joined on my own and I am so glad I did!”

Dianne’s instructor Jo had this to say about her Wednesday warrior:

“Dianne, is an absolute pleasure to teach, she’s eager, extremely hard working and will practice and practice a move until she has nailed it. I love Dianne’s face when she does get a move that she has been working on. She is friendly and very supportive to her fellow students. Keep up the hard work Dianne. You deserve to be member of the month and I am just so pleased to be sharing your pole journey with you.”

We all think that Dianne is a worthy nominee and we’re all very proud! Well done!