Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a course?

All our 4 week courses cost £36 and we include a free practice session which are on a Monday at 6 pm, a Wednesday at 8 pm and Friday 6 pm


How do I pay for the course?

All courses are paid in full upon booking. You can do this by popping into the club, calling us, our contact page and paying via card or doing a bank transfer. Regular payments can be made via standing order.


Can I pay on the first night?

No all our courses are payable upon booking and you are only booked on with receipt of full payment.


Can I pay for just 1 lesson to see if I like it?

We have a taster session on the last Friday of every month that costs £5. All the course are to be paid in full upon booking.


What happens if I cannot make every class?

Don’t worry we have a catch up class on a Friday at 6 pm.  Please book at reception for these sessions.


I can already pole dance, do I need to start at stage 1?

No not at all. We would invite you a to practice session which cost £5 and one of our instructors will assess your ability and find a suitable class for you to join. If you join a course on that night your practice assessment will be free.


What do I wear for pole?

We recommend that you wear short shorts and a vest top. Pole dancing requires skin to hold your moves on the pole so anything other than shorts is not advisable. We do however recommend that you bring a hoodie and warm leggings or sweatpants to warm up in as it can be very cold sometimes when moving from the changing rooms to the studio.

What if everyone is really good?

Don’t worry, the course is very progressive and as long as you are of good general health you shouldn’t have a problem keeping up.

Is there a weight limit for the poles?

Unless you are very obese then you shouldn’t have a problem learning to pole dance. You should be realistic about what you are going to be able to do if you are overweight. Weight itself is not always a problem we have some girls who are on the heavy side but are very strong, but if you are unable to participate in general exercise and activities then you will find pole is probably not for you.

Is there an age limit?

Yes you have to be 16 to join the main stream classes. We have specific slots for teenagers and children so please contact reception for more details. There is no upper limit as long as you are in good health.


Tel – 01482 503020

Text – 07766223155

Email – reception-pole4fitness@hotmail.com