February 2015 – Katie Silvester

‘I started Pole in Beverley November 2012. I wanted to keep fit while doing something different and thought this would be the perfect Class. I loved it and just wanted to be able to do everything – easier said than done!

I joined Pole 4 Fitness mid 2013 and was taught by Kim who was looking after Emma’s class at the time. Joining a bigger class was a bit daunting at first but all the girls were really nice and I have made some great friends. Kim was lovely and helped loads as I’m definitely not a natural at this and have to work hard to master nearly every trick, I don’t seem to have much coordination either when it comes to spins and it seems I am very accident prone!!! Pole is addictive though and once u start you’re hooked! My confidence has boosted since starting Pole and I know that Emma has helped massively with that. She is a great instructor and very encouraging. Also very patient having to deal with me, don’t know how she does it .

I would highly recommend Pole to anyone thinking of giving it a go. Yes it does hurt, yes you may feel as graceful as a hippo but the achievements you make are awesome and the satisfaction of nailing that move you’ve been struggling with is 2nd to none!’

Emma, Katies instructor had this to say about her.. ‘Katie didn’t start with me when she first started pole dancing so I didn’t know what she was like. She is lovely to teach even though she is a little un coordinated at times. It is nice to know that Katie trusts me to spot her to be able to do the moves she tries in class. I put her forward for member of the month as she has achieved so much in the last few months and has conquered moves she never thought she would get. All you hear off Katie is ‘I’m trying’ and you can tell all of her hard work is paying off.’

All of us are happy and proud that you are member of the month. Well done Katie!