February – Carole Miller

We are pleased to announce that our member of the month for  February is, Carole Miller.

Carole said, “I have been coming to pole since March 2016. I started becaue my daughter, Kathryn, wanted to come so I said that I would come for 4 lessons until she got into it. She now lives in York as she goes to university there, but i’m still coming to pole!

My instructor is Clare but we started with Kim. We had to have some time off as my daughter went to France. They have both been encouraging and inspirational. I come to pole feeling middle aged and plump but leave class feeling a good 20 years younger and positively athletic! Please, anyone wanting to join, come and give it a try.”

Carole’s instructor, Clare, nominated her for this reason, “I nominated Carole for member of month because she has shown so much grit and determination! Carole finally managed to invert on her own this month which gave her the biggest sense of achievement ever!! Carole has learned to trust that she ‘isn’t falling off’ and believe that anything is possible with a bit of practice. Carole is a fantastic student, she never quits, and pushes past her comfort zone regularly. I’m really proud of her and want her to see what an inspiration she is xx”

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