Helen Binnie-Wise October 2022

Which stage are you on, and who is your instructor?

14 – Kim

When did you start training with us?


What made you want to participate in the classes?

I first started pole before I had my little girl and returned to classes in 2021. When I started, I wanted to give something completely new a try!

What is your favourite move, and which do you struggle with the most?

Gemini combos are my favourite. The move I struggle with the most is handstands!

What is your most outstanding achievement in class?

Probably the first time I went upside down.

Tell us how you feel about your pole journey so far.

I enjoy the pole so much. It’s one of my favourite times of the week!

Tell us about your instructor and your pole family.

My instructor Kim is great. She really gets me and knows how to get the best out of me! If we ever say we can’t do something, she tells us that we can; we just can’t do it YET. The girls in my class and at practice sessions are great. Everyone always cheers each other on – literally and sometimes loudly! There’s a real feeling of women supporting women at pole, which doesn’t always happen elsewhere.

Do you have anything else that you would like to share to inspire other people in their journey? This doesn’t have to be related to pole or aerial.

Pole is a great constant to have in your life. Whatever else you’ve got going on, and no matter how tough it is, you can always think: “Well, I can hang upside down on a pole using one leg,” as an inspiration to get through what you’re facing.