January 2015 – Rachel Spence & Fay Hunt

It was an unanimous decision that we couldn’t make one of these girls member of the month without the other. They both equally do so well in class and achieve things more or less straight away. They both did an amazing routine in our Pole 4 Fitness showcase and we are very proud of them.

Rachel and Fay both started in separate classes, Fay just over a year ago and Rachel just under a year but ended up merging classes. Fay said the reason she started pole fitness was because it was an alternate route to the gym (which she hates) and Rachel just always wanted to do pole fitness then a friend recommended Pole 4 Fitness so she joined.

I asked both girls how Pole 4 Fitness has helped them in any way and Fay had this to say, “I have met a lot of new great friends. I am also a lot stronger than i used to be and i enjoy it way more than the gym.” Rachel laughed, “Once I started i had no upper body strength at all and now I have guns!”

Both Rachel and Fays instructor Kim had this to say about them.. “I have taught Rachel since she started, when took over Fays class and they merged classes they became close straight away. They are a pleasure to teach and keep trying new moves until they perfect them on both sides. Last year they became double partners for our show and produced one of the best routines! They love combos and are always up for a challenge. Hopefully they will continue as a double act and start competing in competitions.. I am sure they will start bringing home trophies soon! Xxxx