July 2013 – Emma Lancaster

Emma was nominated by her instructor Penny.

Emma Said ” I walked past Pole 4 Fitness for years thinking i would love to try that but never got round to popping in until fate took over. My eldest daughter started school with Clare’s daughter and Clare came up with the idea of a mum’s taster session, I jumped at the chance to have a go. The other mum’s dropped out after stage 1 but I was hooked and joined another class taught by Clare, she is a great instructor with a fab mindset of ‘you can do it!’

emmaWhen this class ended I joined the class I’m in now taught by the lovely Penny and with a great bunch of girls who welcomed me from the start, Penny is very encouraging as is everyone in my class, I really look forward to my Monday nights and learning new moves, preferring the ‘non painful moves!

I find pole dancing a great way to stay toned and fit and can’t ever see me giving it up, I never thought i would ever do some of the moves that i can do now when I first started. I would definitely and have recommended it to friends of all fitness levels. My goal is to get more flexible and hopefully to be able to do the splits before I’m 40ish!

Penny said “Emma came to join our class just over a year ago, not only was she joining a new class but she had to skip a few levels too! She didn’t need to worry Emma is as strong as (a very gorgeous) ox and got on famously with the super lovely girls in the class- she stepped up to the mark straight away!! Emma is super strong – her biceps and abs are almighty!!! she gets moves first time, has loads of natural talent and looks fantastic on the pole. Emma is a dream to teach (even though back hooks make her swear!) but sometimes she underestimates how brilliant she is. I hope that being member of the month shows her how much we all love her!! Well done Emma, you’re a star!! xx