June – Lisa Cook & Clare Webster

We are pleased to announce our MEMBERS of the month for June, Lisa Cook & Clare Webster.  

We decided to let both these girls have member of the month as they are doubles partners, never do anything without one another and bounce off each other massively. They call each other their ‘pole wife’! Lisa and Clare have performed in our Pole4Fitness showcase, they will also be competing in the Yorkshire Pole Championships this year as doubles, and have entered the P4F North East Pole & Aerial Championships. They both joined with separate people but stuck to it once their friends dropped out and made friends with each other and a lot of other girls along the way!

Lisa joined Pole4Fitness about 8 years ago and joined because a friend kept talking about it all the time and she wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Lisa said “since doing pole fitness, I have definitely become much stronger and much more confident. I was always quite outgoing but it depended on the situation, however now I feel like I can speak to anyone and because of my pole training I know that I can take on anything the world has to throw at me!
My instructor is Penny and she is the loveliest person ever, she is so helpful when you don’t get a trick and always gives you loads of compliments. She really encourages me to keep trying when I can’t do something. Penny and Sam (Penny’s pole partner), have both helped me and Clare with doubles tricks and putting routines together. However, I think I should take this opportunity to apologise to Penny for any grey hairs myself and Clare may have caused!”

Clare has just celebrated her 5th poleversary in January! She had wanted to do pole for such a long time but never had the bottle to join on her own. Clare said, “I always really enjoyed gymnastics up until my early teens and felt that the kind of pole performances I had seen was just gymnastics but with a different piece of apparatus!
Since joining, I have seen a massive difference. My body is toned and my pelvic floor has improved massively. I also think it has helped me slightly with my self confidence and I can now look in a mirror and think ‘not bad’ (she jokes, ‘on good days that is’). I have met a lot of lovely ladies who I will never forget and am very humbled to know. Penny is my instructor and is amazing, although I do enjoy getting taught by ALL of the instructors as they all have their own style. Penny is great, she is always happy to try new things and knows everyone’s limits.”

They both said that to anyone thinking of joining, coming through their own experiences, you shouldn’t be put off starting on your own because you will make friends instantly!

Penny had this to say about her girls, “Lisa and Clare are two of our most loyal members and are well known for their sense of humour, fun and their outstanding pole ability! They coined the name ‘Wednesday Warriors’ due to their bravery, strength and their enthusiasm for anything thrown at them. As a doubles pair they are so inspiring and everyone who sees them practice are always speechless at how amazing they are; they are the queens of acro and are absolutely fearless! Seeing them on stage at our show last year made me so proud and i’m even prouder to say that they qualified for Yorkshire Championships this year. I cannot wait to scream my lungs out for them as they’re so brilliant. I adore these two and so does everyone else that meets them. Love you loads Clisa xxxx”