June – Mae Grainger

Let us introduce our very well deserved member of the month.. Mae Grainger. Nominated by Kim, we thought Mae deserved member of the month for never giving up trying to achieve moves and always trying her best.

I’ve been doing pole since January 2014, I joined a week after my 16th birthday, I was dying to start so I joined as soon as I was old enough! I’ve been doing it for just over a year and a half I think! I joined by myself which was very nerve wracking being so young and all alone but I made friends almost instantly! Some of which I’ve socialised with outside of pole dance and have become very good friends with! I joined after I realised ballet wasn’t my thing, but I still wanted to dance. My sister had shown me it and I started looking at it on google etc and loved how it looked and wanted to give it a go! Pole fitness has helped me make new friends, get fitter and gain muscle in such a fun way! I love showing off when I get a new move and showing everyone what I can do! It’s injected so much fun into my week, while exercising! My instructor is Kim, she’s amazing! She helps us all so much and is so encouraging! She’s very patient too which always helps haha. To people wanting to join? I say go for it, no matter how old, young, fat, thin, strong or weak you will be able to do it! Yeah it takes time but what doesn’t! Just stick with it! Go for it and get fit while making friends for life! You’ll have such a laugh and it’s nice doing a type of dance that’s so different! I’d tell any body to sign up if they haven’t already! Best thing you’ll ever do!!”

Kim said this about Mae;
“I have taught Mae since she started pole 16 month ago. She has always been a big character in class and never gives up. Mae has become very strong and agile on the pole. I nominated her for member of the month because of the one move that seemed to beat her, ‘The Superman’. Mae never gave up and practiced the move alot (which meant she had very sore legs for a while) and she has now got it! Mae is a pleasure to teach and I really hope one day she will start competing.”

Well done Mae!
Love your Pole4Fitness family xx