Mandi Jackson October 2021

Mandi is on Stage 5 with Clare

When did you start training with us?


What made you want to participate in the classes?

My friend Laura attends and encouraged me to give it a try.

What do you struggle with the most and what is your favourite move you perform?

I struggle with the koala but love going upside down although at firs t, it is confusing.

What is your greatest achievement in class?

Been able to see my progress from day 1 to now and how moves I could not do have now become easier.

Tell us how you feel about your pole/aerial journey so far.

I am enjoying it and would highly recommend it. It’s fun and I love it.

Tell us about your instructor and your pole family.

Claire is a great instructor who pushes us to achieve moves that we feel we can’t do, she believes in us and makes us believe in ourselves too. As for the girls in my group, they are amazing and very supportive of one another.

Do you have anything else that you would like to share to inspire other people in their journey? This doesn’t have to be related to pole or aerial.

For me, pole, as well as my PT sessions, have really helped me mentally and physically. I’ve got a newfound love for health and exercise and could not imagine my life without either. Both have given me a sense of purpose and an outlet during hard times.

For anyone thinking of joining pole takes the leap and do it, you won’t regret it you will meet amazing people and learn new skills in the process.

Mandi was nominated by Clare. She said “I chose mandi because she is in a really good place with herself now and I wanted everyone to celebrate her. She has been working really hard in the gym and she is looking amazing for it. This has also had a knock-on effect with her pole skills, and she is progressing at full speed and amazes herself every week with what she can do! Mandi is an absolute pleasure to teach, she gives it 100% every week and is very determined to be the best she can be and I know she will definitely be!”