March 2020 Yazz Bateson

Our March Member of the Month is Yazz Bateson 

She is currently on a stage 12 and her instructor is Sam

Yazz joined us in Feb 2019 because she wanted to throw herself into something she could focus her energy into after losing a loved one. 

Like all pole dancers Yazz struggles with some moves especially because she has usually freakishly long legs which is always worried about hitting the walls or mirrors!

When asked what her greatest achievement in class is Yazz said ‘My strength has improved so much to a point I never thought possible’ She feels like Pole is a huge part of her life now and doesn’t ever seeing herself stopping. 

We all love our pole family and instructor and Yazz said ‘I love how we all push each other to do our very best as well as being the most supportive people ever’. Yazz recommends that you Just do it!

Sam nominated Yazz for the Member of the month award and has this to say 

‘ Yazz is an amazing part of my Tuesday 6pm team. She tries all moves with determination. She has come so far since she started, always manages to make everything look beautiful and always honest about how she feels about particular moves.  Keep up the great work ‘

Well done Yazz! You are a well-deserved winner! 

P4F Team x