March – Claire Dearing

As you can tell, Claire isn’t a pole member, she is a member of our gym but because of the progress she has made and the dedication she has, we decided as a team that she deserved it! Claire entered the Bikini category at the IBFA York Open Bodybuilding competition and came 5th out of 12! This then meant she got a place in the PCA British Championships in June for the Bikini Final. This is what Claire has said:

I came to this gym because it is more focused towards weight training and using that to sculpt your body into the shape you want, which a lot of other gyms are not so knowledgeable about, especially for women.

My goals are to keep improving my results in all of my Bikini competitions, and to healthily maintain the way my body looks all year round (as close to my stage look as possible)

My body has definitely changed since I started training with Clare. I’ve developed more of an hourglass figure and leaned up due to weight training and proper nutrition.

I was really pleased and proud of my result in the York show, which was made even better by receiving a special invite to the PCA British Championships in June for the Bikini Final.

I love that Champions Gym is so friendly and has such a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. I also like that I don’t really get treated any differently just because I’m one of the only girls in the gym. Also Clare and Mark are both very knowledgeable and there is always someone to ask for help if needed.”

Us at Champions Gym and Pole4Fitness wish you luck in the PCA British Championships and will be supporting you all the way!