March 2018 Tilly Austin

Meet our March Star Member Of The Month…………. Tilly.


Tilly attends pole class every Thursday evening and is on an impressive level 26.

Tilly was nominated by her instructor Clare because she is winning many battles including the dreaded sweaty hands (Yes the problem is real!).


Clare says that she chose Tilly because “Tilly has not had and easy journey and has conquered many deamons in her quest to be a great poler. Tilly is a delightful person and she brings smiles to everyone who meets her. She is learning how to laugh at herself and also how to banish the self doubt about what she can actually achieve. It is wonderful to her succeed which is a surprise to herself every time! She loves to see her fellow class mates succeed too and is encouraging and supportive to everyone. Tilly really is a truly deserving member of the month.”

Well done Tilly from all of us at Pole 4 Fitness. x x x