October – Clair Lowson

Clair joined Pole4Fitness around 7/8 months ago now because she wanted to get fit and feel better about herself. Already, Clair has told us that she feels so much stronger and more confident than before she started.

Clair said that her instructor, Laura, has encouraged and pushed her to achieve things that she never thought was possible and with that has given her self belief.

Laura had this to say about her student, “I’ve chosen Clair to be member of the month as she never gives up and always tries her best. She has conquered the pain of sitting on the pole ???? I love teaching Clair and she is so supportive to her class mates. A true inspiration and a delight to teach. Well done Clair well deserved member of the month!!”

Well done Clair!
Lots of love

The Champions Gym & Pole4Fitness team xx

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