October & November 2018. Rosita & Eva Brown

Meet our star members of the month For October and November……………….. Rosita and Eva.

Both Rosita and Eva have big ambition to be in the circus and come here for private lessons with Clare to improve and practice their talents. They are both a joy to have here at Pole 4 Fitness and AOF Air and Clare was happy to nominate them because of their sheer determination.


Clair says “I have nominated Rosita and Eva because of their dedication to their dream of joining the circus. Both are lucky enough to have the opportunity to preform in the childrens circus and this gives them a taste of what their future could be. Rosita has been preforming for a couple of years now and every time she preforms she does with such bravery, skill and elegance. For such a young lady she is shining bright. Eva has recently taken up pole to add to her many talents she already has, including cheer leadering, hula hooping and aerial sling. She hopes will be a unique addition to bring to the circus stage. I have no doubt that Eva will find her place as she is a little power house that is determined to shine just as brightly. These two are such a pleasure to teach. I look forward to seeing them every week and hope that one day on their successful journey they will remember some of the lessons we have had together.”


A special mention must also go to mum Victoria who is the most supportive, kindest lady who know how hard to push and when to pull back.           She supports the girls in their dreams every step of the way and it is beautiful to see.

Well done to Rosita and Eva and Mum from all of us here at Pole 4 Fitness and Aof Air. x x x