September 2020 Vicky Walker

Vicky is currently on stage 13 and her instructor is Sam. She has been training pole since June 2019.

Vicky said ‘I’d wanted to try pole for a while but never had the courage. I had seen pictures of people doing it and was amazed at their strength and they looked to have so much fun! When I saw the beginners course advertised I came along with a friend and never looked back!’

When ask about what she struggle with the most she said the pike, because she can only do it when Sam pulls her into position! Her greatest achievement in class so far is Mastering the butterfly to angel back to butterfly combo which is such a pretty combination to master.

Vicky said ‘I absolutely love pole! Feel I have come so far and am amazed at what my body can do. I have become more confident and my flexibility is improving week on week.’ We think this is amazing because so many people struggle with confidence.

When we asked Vicky about her instructor Sam and your pole family she said;

‘Sam is amazing! She pushes us to do our best and is always there to catch us fall, ha ha. After about 6 stages we merged with another class and they were so welcoming – we get on well and are all so encouraging of each other – it’s great to be part of!’

Her advice to you all is ‘No matter how much you think you can’t do something, keep trying and you will get there! I feel this is so relevant in pole, but also in day to day life too.’

Sam said ‘Vicky is such a hardworking student; she gives everything her all and has zero fear which doesn’t go unnoticed in class! She has come a long way and her skills and strength are developing amazingly! She is an asset to her team who all continue to encourage each other which makes her part of such a fab class to teach’.

What a brilliant journey you are having Vicky. We are so please you joined us and are having so much fun! Another deserving Member of the month