September 2017 Lorraine Kilsby

We are pleased to announce that our Star Member Of The Month for September Is Lorraine Kilsby.


Lorraine said “I was amazed to see this, I am definitely not the best in the class, but I always try and give a 100%.  None of what I can achieve would have been possible without Jo, she is the most patient and helpful teacher I could have had.  Jo makes me realise that being nearly sixty is no obstacle to what I’m able to go on and master.


Lorraine’s instructor Jo-Ann nominated her for this reason, “She is a truly fantastic student who will who will always attack everything I ask of her with 150% even if she is unsure about it. It has been a pleasure to share Lorraine’s pole journey and watch her confidence and ability grow. She is a pleasure to teach and is a perfect example that age is just a number. I am so proud of her and how far she has come.”



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