Yana Byelova November 2021

Yana in a martini pose on the hoop

Yana in a martini pose in the hoop

Yana started aerial silks and hoops with us in December 2019 and is currently being taught by Clare

What made you want to participate in the classes?

I wanted to try something new, and this seemed like a great challenge.

What do you struggle with the most and what is your favourite move?

I struggle when I’m learning a new move upside down as it’s hard to tell what’s left/right or up/down or even where your limbs are (!). My fave move in the hoop is a martini and in silks, it’s layback bridge into arabesque.

What is your greatest achievement in class?

Shoulder stands in the hoop – never thought I’d ever been able to do anything like this!

Tell us how you feel about your aerial journey so far.

I absolutely love my aerial classes and look forward to them every week. I find it incredible to look back at how far I’ve come: the moves which I thought were impossible on day one is now easy! I enjoy the challenges which these classes bring, and the best feeling is when you nail that move you’ve been practising for ages. It’s such a fun way of keeping fit!

Tell us about your instructor and your aerial family.

My instructor Clare is amazing. She is supportive and encouraging, knowing exactly how to help us achieve our goals. We have a lovely little aerial family and always cheer each other on. It’s a fun and friendly environment to be in.

Do you have anything else that you would like to share to inspire other people in their journey? 

I started this class for a bit of fun, but I’ve gained so much more from it. It has benefited my mental health, physically I have become so much stronger, and I’ve met some lovely people.

Yana was nominated for Member of the Month by her instructor Clare, she said “Yana is a delight to teach, she tries everything with energy and enthusiasm, and is keen to learn more. She works so hard in class and is determined in her practice to nail a move. She is a beautiful person inside and out and is a popular member of the club.”

Well done Yana!  A thoroughly deserved nomination.