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    Suitable For All Ages

    We assure you that we will do our best to put you at ease and make your lessons most enjoyable.

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Welcome to the Pole 4 Fitness website!

Many people would love to try pole but are so worry that it will be hard, embarrassing or they will fall off that they put off joining for years! When they actually get here they are surprised how quickly they can perform the moves and how friendly and supportive their class is.
Did you know that Pole 4 fitness can support weight loss, define your muscles, increase your flexibility and mobility, and improve posture and co-ordination as well as improve mood, self-esteem and body image?
Your class will be fun but challenging (what is the point if it’s really easy?). We will teach you how to perform moves that to others look impossible to do.
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Keep reading if are still not convinced pole is for you!
My name is Clare and I have a brilliant team of instructors who are excited to take you on a journey that may change your life!
Many of our members have made new friendships that have lasted years; they have pushed their bodies to do things they never believed they could do and with the added benefit that the work out will also give you health benefits of increase bone mass and decrease bone loss (depending on your age) an increase in metabolism and reduced fat storage.
How can this be I hear you ask?
Well, the lessons are set in a way that l allow you to progressively work at your own pace taking into account your unique body shape, strengths and weaknesses.
In each lesson you will make small improvements until one day you realise you are not the same person that started.
The more you push though each set of moves the more confident you will get to reach the next stage. You soon realise that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible as your inner strength grows.
You will discover the impact a group of like-minded people can have on you as you support and encourage each other. This group are not your competition but are your ‘comrades in action’ as you support the weakest and follow the strongest. Our ‘gangs’ are what keep you coming, safety in numbers, not letting the team down and not getting left behind whilst allowing you to progress at your own pace.

People worry that we are going to ask you to work beyond your capabilities and in fact one of the most common things we hear is ‘I’ll join when I’m fitter, thinner, stronger etc’ as they see the gravity deifying tricks and think ‘I’ll never do that!’ But we start your journey with your feet firmly on the ground and as you feel you can we will help you to swing, spin, climb, invert, flip, slide, drop, roll and dance!

Everyone who trains at Pole 4 Fitness will have the opportunity to perform in shows, demonstrations, events and competitions. As part of your training we will be every step of the way with you giving you all the necessary skills to show the world what you are capable of.

I often get asked if pole will help with weight loss and the answer is yes and no! Weight loss will depend on what else you do throughout the week. You have to combine it with a healthy eating plan and activity on a daily basis. Weight loss will only happen when you are taking on fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight. I’m afraid there is no magic formula other than eat less processed, eat more plants and be more active.
If you want to lose weight please feel free to check out my healthy eating site www.gorillagrubkitchen.co.uk where you can find out about the packages I have on offer.