Terms & Conditions

Pole 4 Fitness and AOF Air Terms and Conditions


All classes must be booked in advance: private lessons require a £10 deposit, and courses must be paid in full. We ask for confirmation of your place on successive courses by paying before week 4 of your current course.

Courses are not paid on a week-by-week basis. We allow one-holiday payment where the courses can be paid £10 per lesson ONCE in 12 months (Jan-Dec).

We currently use an online booking and payment system by Studio Bookings. They are a web-based system that allows fitness and wellness studios to access and manage their studio and members online. The system allows members to manage their class subscriptions and profiles online directly. They utilise the same extra security that top banks use and do not compromise safety.

Studio Bookings does not share personal information under any circumstances, not for promotions, money, or anything. That’s our privacy guarantee. You can read the full details in their privacy policy.

Privacy Policy: https://studiobookings.com/privacy-policy/

All-inclusive packages are paid as a recurring payment via studio booking, not periodic.

Download the studio bookings app from the following links to manage your payments and class bookings.


Drop-in sessions.

Drop-in sessions are only available to those who are currently paying for a course (no exceptions).

All drop-in sessions are pre-arranged with the instructor of the class a person is joining.

Drop-in sessions are available for stages completed (if you are a stage 10, you can drop-in stages 1 – 9 but not 11 plus).

You can only drop into a class with space and must respect the class participant’s choice of equipment (You may not get your favourite pole or hoop)


Practice sessions

If you use your complimentary session to book practice and fail to turn up or cancel within less than 12 hours, your free class will be allocated as used and may not be redeemed against any other class. Practice sessions are only for members. You must pay for a 4-week course or private lessons to attend practice sessions.

All-inclusive members can go to unlimited practice and stretch; all classes will be available for booking the day after the last class.

If people on an all-inclusive membership book into practice or stretch and do not turn up more than three times without cancelling, we only allow them to book on the day from then on.

Missed lesson credits and loyalty practice.

Members paying for the class-only package get credits for any missed lesson plus one loyalty practice at the end of the course; we will track this on a loyalty card you need to get signed by reception staff, who will add the credit upon receipt of the complete (four lessons) signed card.

After four lessons, anyone attending private classes will get a loyalty practice session.

If you cannot attend your session, you can use your missed lesson credit within seven days to attend a different class (with the permission of the instructor).

The credit can be used for practice anytime in the following 12 weeks if you cannot participate in another class in the same week as your missed class.


All-inclusive packages and Recurring payments

All-inclusive packages are on recurring payments paid via studio bookings set up by the client. The company will not be responsible for any overpayments the client has failed to cancel, and refunds are only in exceptional circumstances at the manager’s discretion.

Deposits and refunds

A £10 deposit is required for all private lessons and is not refundable should you fail to attend but may be transferred to another booking if you give more than 24 hours notice of the cancellation.

If you choose to cancel your course, taster, party, or private class 7 days or more before the start date, we will refund the total amount minus any deposits.

If you cancel less than seven days before the start of your course, you will get 50% of the total amount back.

If you cancel within 24 hours, you will not receive any refund.

If you transfer your course, taster, party, or private class to a different date, you will lose the right to a refund, and we will only move you once.

Transfers must be with seven days’ notice.

Any persons unable to complete their course due to illness or injury must inform us before the course ends, and a sick note/doctor’s note is required as proof of inability to attend. Refunds or credit notes will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the manager’s discretion.


Courses will only run if we have a minimum of four people on. If this is a new course, we reserve the right to move the start date within four weeks from the original start date; after this period, you have the right to a full refund or move to another date. If an established course runs down, you will be offered an alternative class, or we may bring other courses into your class. We will endeavour only to put clients of the same standard or stage of learning together to make the classes run as smoothly as possible.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to change your course’s start time, date or teacher, lesson, taster, or party. If this happens, you will be notified, and a pro-rata refund will be given if we cannot meet your needs.

Although we only book one person to a pole in all our regular classes, there may be rare occasions beyond our control where for safety reasons, a faulty pole may reduce the number of poles available for that class. We, therefore, reserve the right to alter people-per-pole ratios for safety reasons.

Health & Safety

All clients must read and sign the waiver on studio bookings, and we request that you inform the instructor of any changes in your circumstances.

Lessons require a certain fitness level, so if you doubt your suitability to join the classes, please speak with your GP before signing up and paying. We will only allocate refunds if you have taken appropriate advice first. You may receive a credit note which you can use towards other suitable classes or transfer to someone else.

Pole dancing carries some severe injury risks, which your instructor will explain. We will endeavour to reduce the risk by teaching a progressive program and not asking you to perform moves beyond your ability and control. If you are uncomfortable or wish not to perform an activity, please make your request known to the instructor, who will offer you an alternative.

You are requested not to perform any moves that have not been taught to you by a Pole 4 fitness instructor, and during your class, we request that you follow the plan given by the instructor and only perform moves that you have been asked to practice. During a practice session, only practice moves off your lesson plan that you have been taught in class, as the session is for practising moves, not learning new ones. Practice sessions are only available to current, paying members of the club.

We ask that you watch the demonstration, listen to the instructions before performing any moves, and wait to be spotted before trying a move yourself. The instructor will only be held responsible for injury sustained by a student who has waited for the appropriate spotting before tackling an activity by themselves.

We are happy to spot you into a move, but you are responsible for your safety as we are for our safety; therefore, we advise you that all activities are performed at your own risk. We ask that you do not ‘spot’ or ‘coach’ each other in class. Our insurance will not cover you for any injuries sustained in this manner.

We will not tolerate behaviour that is deemed inappropriate or offensive. We reserve the right to ask any person to leave the class with the right to cancel any future lessons and not refund any monies.

Admittance to the class must be on time. People arriving after the warm-up will not be permitted to join the class.

We request that all clients sign in at reception before their class starts to comply with fire regulations; this is not optional, and any person regularly breaking this rule will be asked to leave the club.

All lesson plans are the intellectual property of Pole 4 Fitness, and our legal team will deal with anyone who breaches these terms.

Data protection

Pole 4 Fitness uses a database system called Studio Booking. We collect information to enable us to contact you if we need to change lesson, so we take a full postal address, landline and mobile. We ask for an up-to-date working email as our database system will email receipts from payments made if the client requests.

Our marketing analysis uses postcodes to see where customers are in relation to our club location.

We do not keep personal information such as religion, family members or occupation. We may ask you to keep on record health problems, injuries, disabilities, or medication you take if we believe it is in your interest to keep other members of staff aware of your problems.

We do not keep any credit or debit card numbers on record and do not hold personal information on your banking facilities. We never share your information with any other 3rd parties.

We outsource our emailing list to companies like Mail Chimp and studio bookings, who deliver our emails to you. We upload your email address, which is not accessible to anyone but us. There is an option to unsubscribe as a link on the email, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Once you have unsubscribed, we cannot send you any more emails; if you receive something from us, you’re likely on more than one list, such as enquiries and members. Please note that you may need to unsubscribe from both lists to stop all correspondence from us.

We may contact you via SMS; each text has instructions on opt-out. To be removed from the mailing list, text back with your instruction; if you still receive SMS messages from us, you may be on multiple lists, so please unsubscribe from all lists. We do not share telephone numbers with any other parties.

Photography and sharing

We post photos of clients’ progress and lessons on social media platforms. You need to inform people in the class if you do not want a picture taken or shared on social media.

Company information

Pole 4 Fitness started trading in August 2005. The owners are Mark & Clare Bennett. All correspondence to 955 Spring Bank West HU5 5HD Tel 01482 503020 / 07977469395