Practice Session

The practice session is an open class where all levels ‘practice’ together.

An instructor will be on hand to warm up the class, supervise and help with any moves you are practising and cool down the class at the end.

You can come to this class if you miss one of your lessons but you won’t be taught anything new, your instructor will do this in the class. We don’t recommend anyone attends this class until they have finished the stage one course. We want to ensure you get the most out of your practice session by waiting until you have lots of content to practice.

This can be a scary class to attend for new students or lower levels, we would like to assure you that everyone is very helpful and supportive. It is great to meet other class members and practice together. Everyone has something to offer and most people love these sessions!

Cost £8 or can be used as part of your course for missed lessons

Monday 8 pm or Wednesday at 7 pm

Please book here

Everyone gets a FREE session for completing their course but you only have 3 months to use it so book now!


Tel – 01482 503020

Text – 07766223155

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