What to Wear


In order that you get the best grip on the pole, we ask that you wear shorts and a vest. Some people like to wear their shorts knee length and this is absolutely fine to start. A tee-shirt is also fine when you first begin but the type of moves you can learn may be dictated by the clothing that you are wearing so for example when you start to invert or sit on the pole a vest and bare thighs offer the best possible grip, During the winter months, we recommend bringing clothing such as tracksuit for the warm-up and cool down. Wearing socks for the spin part of the class will help you pivot and turn easier and protect your feet from getting sore. We recommend that you remove your socks when learning ticks that need foot grip.

Pole 4 fitness has a range of vests and hoodies you can buy from reception that has our official logo on them.


None of the classes is taught in shoes or boots. This is because our safety mats are never lifted up and a heel or outdoor shoe would damage them. Most people learn to pole dance with bare feet which is normal for the industry. You are welcome to put socks on while you are warming up or dancing but you will need to remove them for some tricks. There are foot protectors that are available from pole dance accessory suppliers that will aid your grip and protection from the pole.

What not to wear

During the trick component of the class, you will need to have as much skin contact available on the pole so choose clothes that can be rolled up and secured or taken off easily. Hooded tops, long sleeves, and baggy tops are all a hindrance when learning some tricks.
Moisturiser isn’t a pole dancer’s friend. Please do not apply any products that contain moisturiser including shower gel and fake tan. Not only will you find it impossible to grip the pole you will leave it greasy and everyone else who uses the pole afterwards will also find it hard to grip.

We ask that you remove all jewellery including rings, watches, long necklaces, bracelets and anklets before the class as they can cause damage to the skin and to the poles.


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