December – Danielle Cusworth

We are pleased to announce that our member of the month for November is, Danielle Cusworth.

Fern (Danielle’s aerial instructor), nominated Danielle as she said that she is a very dedicated student, attending classes, practice sessions and hiring the studio for extra rehearsals. She said that Danielle has smashed all of her 2016 aerial goals, and she can’t wait to see her compete in 2017!

This is what Danielle had to say, “I have been doing aerial hoops and silks for 18 months and I’d always really wanted to do something like it, and as soon as I realised there was classes in Hull, I was there! I first saw the pole classes advertised, but after noticing the aerial pictures I just had to join hoops and silks straight away! I came to a taster class and knew I’d love it so booked onto a stage one class and never missed a stage since!
I had always said I would like to join pole but I just never got around to it, until my friends wanted to join a dance class so I said let’s all just book on and go! I was wanting to get more strength and joining pole will help me whilst having fun!
I’ve seen massive improvements since starting, mostly in upper body strength but I’ve also become more flexible and confident, and I have accomplished all my goals I set for 2016 which I never thought was possible!
My instructor is Fern, she does a fantastic job and never gives up on me, always giving me new challenges and helps me as much as she can both in and out of class time.
I enjoy aerial more than any other hobby I have had, and look forward to all my classes and practices every week!

Any girls that are looking to join I would say to just book onto a taster, see what you think and give it a go! It’s super fun, addictive and gets you fit without feeling like it’s too much hard work!”

We are all super proud of Danielle and can’t wait to see what her future in aerial holds.
Well done Danielle!
Lots of love

The AOF Air, Pole 4 Fitness and Champions Gym team xx

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